photo by Rachel Hume

With a handful of sound recording classes and a couple years of blogging electronic music in college, I was fascinated with music production and began recording my own music in 2013. Sample-based house music was my foundation with single 12″ releases on Holic Trax, Music Is Love, and Sccucci Manucci and a full length 12″ on Dabit Records in 2014.

Over the next 2 years I refocused, finding a voice in producing techno with my friend, Justin Nouhra. We launched our collaboration project, Rush Plus Records in June 2016, selling vinyl self-releases, an ambient cassette album, and following with 2×12″ releases on E-Missions 2018-19 and an EP with Valence Records. Buzz around our project hit right out of the gate.

We also launched Metro Xpress in 2018 with my Escape From DC EP and have followed up with several more releases from close friends LPZ, Bordon and Arthur Kimskii.

I’ve had EP and album releases 1432 R, Future Times, and Atlantic Rhythms more recently, since August 2020 – plus, a self-release 12″. What’s next? More EPs and more albums!

Past that, check out my blog where I review electronic music (old and new) that sounds great to me!

Reach out for all music production, review and audio mixing ideas!

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