Superabundance: Max D + J. Ryland
Rush Plus: Justin Nouhra + J. Ryland
JR2k: J. Ryland

JR2k – Walking Backwards EP [Fixed Rhythms, 2022]

Rush Plus – Brain Drain EP [Metro Xpress, 2022]

New Cat LP [JR003, 2022]

Simple Wants EP [Pleasant Life, 2022]

Downtown After Dark LP [JR002, 2021]

Hypnotherapy single [Peach Discs, 2021]

Most Necessary EP [STEP Recordings, 2021]

An Understanding EP [Valence, 2021]

Superabundance LP [Future Times, 2021]

A Million Questions LP [Atlantic Rhythms, 2021]

Acting Careless EP [JR001, 2020]

Stealth Mode EP [1432R, 2020]

Stronger [Atlantic Rhythms, 2020]

How U Got Me So Confused [Future Times, 2019]

Rush Plus – Staring At The Sun EP [E-Missions, 2019]

Escape From DC EP [Metro Xpress, 2018]

Rush Plus – The Sweat EP [E-Missions, 2018]

LPZ / Rush Plus EP [RPDC003, 2017]

Rush Plus – Temporal Confusion LP [RPZZ01, 2017]

Rush Plus [RPDC002, 2017]

Rush Plus [RPDC001, 2016]

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