Stephen Brown – Polar [Theory]


On what’s possibly my 2000th time hearing this track, it sounds wonderfully fresh and innovative as the first. Listening to Stephen Brown over the past 7 years has influenced nearly every facet of how I approached recording house and techno, popping up in every peak-time, unhinged 140+ Rush Plus set we ever played as well.

Released on Ben Sims’ Theory Recordings in 2012 as the B-side cool-off track, Polar hits a minimal techno nerve and cruises along via its intoxicating vocal manipulation cuts and call-n-response song structure. From the regrettable after parties to the breezy rooftop gigs to my headphones as I type this, Polar never grew old on me, rather continuing to impress with age. No doubt, I’ll be digging up more relics from the past in future posts, probably a load more from Stephen himself. You can pick up Polar on beatport OR pick up a pricey copy on Discogs here.

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