Christian Smith & John Selway – Slow River [SINO]

Slow burn with a constant churn. I’ve been a fan of DC-native John Selway since first hearing his Shimmerdown 12″ on Future Times; his collaborations with Christian Smith through the 90s and 2000s were seminal East Coast US works in the deep & minimal techno world. Much to my delight, I came across this 2007 album, The Coming Storm, on Technasia’s SINO Records, began listening through and found myself replaying track 3, Slow River, a half dozen times. Immediately picking up on John Beltran Ten Days of Blue influence, the track begins in a floating, dreamlike trance while a natural progression of understatedly powerful drums flutter overhead. The bassline adds gravity and weight to the remaining track elements and provides a solid foundation (so you don’t float away!) I can definitely see myself playing as an epic opening track in Ibiza someday. Until then, one can only dream…

You can listen or buy the whole album here on SINO’s bandcamp page. I also highly recommend deep-dive listening into SINO, amazing old school label!

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