Aubrey – Other Forms [Textures]

Classic euphoric Solid Groove. Legendary UK techno and house producer, Aubrey (Allen Saei), made a career of toeing the line between the two genres, typically with a trademark sense of groove, swing, and funk. I always found his signature style of mixing and mastering particularly unique; never uniform, you can hear different elements like aContinue reading “Aubrey – Other Forms [Textures]”

Daze – Lips (’94 Original DAT Dub) [Lobster Theremin White]

Dusty, synth-pad drunk breaks from golden age of lofi house. Released as the 2nd installment on Lobster Theremin’s white label series in 2014, Australian hazy house producer, Daze’s Lips mixes have stood the test of time in uniqueness and ease of listening. It flows, baby. Still, my only critique of the track is wishing the vocalContinue reading “Daze – Lips (’94 Original DAT Dub) [Lobster Theremin White]”