Kush Jones – Earth Note [Future Times]

Creating an incredibly playful atmosphere from the first note – rather Earth Note – a spiritually cleansing, celebratory tone takes hold from the get-go. Bronx-native Kush Jones‘ debut 12″ on Future Times in June clocked in as a certified hit, spawning a couple of represses in following months – this A1 track in particular an anthem. The bassline, pads and synth riffs all line up together in seamless harmony for a bumpy, funky ride to pleasuretown – really the whole track exudes pure musical expression, reminding me a lot of Dawit Eklund‘s jam sessions. I also admire the efficiency of such detail packed into a sub-4 minute track, a spectacular feat for any house-focused producer but Kush made it sound easy. Necessary pick up no doubt.

Bonus: (I remember visiting Max D to borrow some record mailers in July. Finding him shirtless in his brother’s basement, sweating, putting in the work and packing up quite literally 100 sold-out copies of this record was a highlight of my summer).

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