Shaka – New Relationship [Local Talk]

Jazzy, playful, wickedly cool – this Shaka (Swiss house veteran) Kurt Spichiger record puts me in a stellar mood every listen. A new release as of last week on long standing Swedish house label Local Talk, New Relationship revives the bygone classic 90s house style of epic 8+ minute tracks that take you on a journey. Pitch perfect piano and organ riffs set the stage for a spunky flute solo that invites you for a brisk walk in the park. I can definitely envision this record tearing it up on the old Baltimore Paradox dancefloor during a Paul Johnson or MAW set. Lush strings and perfect arrangement carry the flutes to the finish line – but hold up! The A1 Theme From The Riverwalk holds its own as an equally entrancing work of art. Damnit, check out the whole release, especially the B-side, truncated, more DJ-friendly dub tracks.

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