INVT x Nick León – Jumpstart

Full-on, high octane techno-infused footwork. Listening around to INVT‘s self-release bandcamp page, Jumpstart sits in good company of what sounds like a typical session for the Miami producer. The entire SANO release boasts a beautifully mastered soundscape with an impeccably full sound spectrum, a confident understanding of the purpose behind the release and dark, sinister tone to match. Fitting in footwork, drum n bass & juke sets as well as end-of-the-night techno speed closers, Jumpstart features fellow Miami sound design artist Nick León and hits a larger-than-life atmosphere while maintaining exceptional breathing and pacing to allow the track to never feel too overwhelming without losing any momentum. This is a producer’s producer’s track and album – strictly impressive. Pick up Jumpstart as part of the Sano album on INVT’s bandcamp.

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