Bookworms – You Say So [BANK]

Doubling blistered drum patterns underneath a sweet, enchanting melody. Experimentation and outside-the-box ideas are hallmarks for Bookworms (Nik Dawson), especially evident on a fresh listen back to his 2016 “Xenophobe” album on then-new Bank Records NYCYou Say So catches the listener off guard immediately, thrown into a swirling tornado of delay and repeated patterns that sound crunched through a tube-powered Electribe. A beautifully seductive, heavenly melodic key riff captivates for the first 2/3 of the recording before giving way to the title vocal and key change. A slick two-tracks-in-one deal and most definitely a sweet way to mix out of those swinging drums. You can still find You Say So and the whole “Xenophobe” release on Bank’s bandcamp page.

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