Money Morning – American Pharoah [Acting Press]

The soundscape soundtrack to your favorite sci-fi novel, re-imagined. Combined feelings of melancholy, curiosity, and growth lend a foundation to the emotional draw of the 2017 Corporate Karma EP from Money Morning on Acting Press. The American Pharoah track pulls the listener into hyperdrive through a distinct harmonic tunnel of space exploration and wonder. I’ve home-listened this record as a slow morning wake up ambient anthem on more occasions than I can count over the last few years and it scratches that imaginative, whimsy itch in the back of my head every time. It’s difficult to pick a favorite from this release but what’s even more difficult is getting sick of listening to it.

Shoutout to the former Future Times record shop location on Mt. Pleasant St NW for always stocking the latest Acting Press. This record is a rare find these days but you can definitely still find a few sellers on Discogs.

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