Globex – Inversia 2 [Acting Press]

Sonically balanced and floating in ecstasy. The A-side on this 2018 Globex record for Acting Press revolved around a simple, single note pad but carries with it so much depth and imagination in the background. The bassline moves at it’s own pace, the cymbals continue on their own wonky pattern – each element of this track lives in its bubble but coexists with each other in perfect harmony. In other words, music to my ears.

I woke up, pulled this one out and let it play out this morning. The memory hit me like a flood – this was the last track I played during our Rush Plus opening set for Vincent Neumann at the first Sprüdel warehouse party in DC in May 2019.  It felt like the perfect reset / transitioning track but I recall feeling a bit anxious about playing such an uplifting track right before Neumann cranked into peak-time, Berghain-style techno. All nerves for nothing…Vincent leaned over, pointed at the record and asked for the track ID as the crowd hollered on and the temperature continued rising in that little space. “Acting Press!” I shouted; he nodded, smiled and the night went on.

Great times :,)

Inversia 2 is sold out on the Acting Press bandcamp but is still available on Discogs!

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