Mor Elian – Planet Kismet [Visible Spectrum]

Far-out, psychedelic, enigmatic techno. Prolific Berlin-based techno producer Mor Elian‘s 3-track “Clairvoyant Fog” record on Visible Spectrum is now a year old and, listening to the final track Planet Kismet with fresh ears in 2021, it offers a wealth of soundscape melded into ever-changing but effortlessly smooth rhythmic drums. An acid synth arpeggiator sequence underneath sweeping pads ushers in a seamless progression halfway through the tracks and takes the listener into a new territory of wistful emotion and curious exploration. Toward the end, I could have sworn I was just spat out the other end of a cosmic wormhole.  Overall this is a tantalizing jam that sounds and feels like it was a pleasure to record!

You can listen to the Clairvoyant Fog EP in its entirety and buy it on the Visible Spectrum bandcamp here!

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