Son of Sound – Night Shift [Basement Floor]

Kinky, playful house / disco hybrid slow burner. Phillip Chung & Turtle Bugg founded operated the NY-based Basement Floor label in 2013 while under the tongue-in-cheek production duo alias “Soul 2 Seoul” and sporadically released 7 records through 2018. Night Shift is an esoteric A2 cut by longtime NY disco producer Son of Sound from their 2nd V/A release and still hits a soft, party-empathetic spot in my heart to this day. I pulled this record out a few weeks ago and listened (for the first time in a couple years) to Night Shift specifically on repeat and it’s still stuck in my head today. That bassline hook, the flirty back -and-forth conversation laid overtop, the dusty hats capped by a room reverbed clap – stupendous! It’s just a fun track and one that doesn’t try too hard to help you loosen up and get down 😉

You can still find this release and the rest of the Basement Floor discography available digitally on their bandcamp page.

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