Green Velvet – Technology’s Out of Control [Music Man Records]

An end of the world, chaotic techno ripper from Green Velvet’s 1999 album, “Constant Chaos.” Aside from the album and track title fitting into the post-apocalyptic 2021 landscape, Technology’s Out of Control provides a look into how imperfect, unsynced live techno recording – when done appropriately – can result in organized mayhem. The drums confidently continue fidgeting as the backbone of the track while the filter on the bassline slowly lifts to overlaid ring and noise sounds before giving way to an acid bassline that…really takes you *there.* The bass does it’s own thing, swinging wildly underneath it all on an untimed LFO. It takes an instinctive brazenness to pull off how whacky this track develops and that’s likely why it’s stuck in my head.

Shoutout to my buddy Nate (DJ Drink Water) – he sent me Matthew Herbert’s 2001 Globus / Tresor Mix where I heard this Green Velvet jam slipped in and had a serious “Whoaaaa” moment!

You can still find plenty of copies of “Constant Chaos” on Discogs.

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