Amal – Gleam [HOCHI RUNS]

A sweet, melodic, melancholy, uplifting, entrancing and reflective preview into a bright, gleaming future for DC young gun, Amal.

“Holy Shit,” I audibly reacted in my headphones on first listen of Gleam, “I’ve never heard anything like this before.” What separates this from any other DnB or breaks track out there is the raw emotion propelling it all. I felt transported to Amal’s world, experiencing the beautiful intensity flowing through its intricate, melodic layers of synths, the wall-shaking sub bass drops and rollercoaster breaks. Gleam holds the gravity of an opus magnum, the sound of a producer laying it all out on the table, revealing their true, unfiltered, raw self. Listening to this track gave me not only goosebumps, but flashbacks to my “opus” moment recording Rebirth years ago with Justin for Rush Plus – that feeling that you’ve truly achieved representing to your peers what it feels like to live with the energy inside your head.

I love the creativity Amal brings to all his recent projects, already showing an impressive maturity with a limitless landscape ahead of him. Definitely listen, buy and follow his Hochi Runs label because his output will be turning heads at breakneck speed for years and years to come.

You can pick up Gleam in its entirety on Amal’s new Hochi Runs label bandcamp page.

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