Roza Terenzi – Illusions [Step ball Chain]

Roza Terenzi‘s refreshingly eclectic and outside-the-box approach to her Stylish Tantrum release in January has stayed with me these past few months, demanding several relistens as the weeks pass. The B2 track, Illusions, blends together elements of halftime, downtempo and low-end dub with a surprising yet effortlessly fluid drum break stepping into liquid DnB territory. Crossing boundaries for chill home listening and breaks connoisseurs gives this track constant replay value and displays a high IQ of variety for the EP as a whole. The little details of delay and flanger-tinged drum hits and deep bass notes make this track feel alive and breathing, constantly changing and moving along with the listener; in other words, it’s dance floor ready.

You can pick up the 12″ and digital full EP as part of Step Ball Chain’s inaugural release and they’re a label to watch; with EPs as rich and focused as this first one, there’s so much to look forward to.

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