Skee Mask – Dolan Tours [Ilian Tape]

Relaxed soundscape keys in perfect juxtaposition with hardcore breaks. Pool is the best album to release in 2021 thus far. That’s my opinion, duh, but you’d be insane to listen and deny the Skee Mask signature intricacies and details that separate this album into a stratosphere all it’s own. Dolan Tours sits in the 2nd half of the immense 18-track album and combines all the elements I’ve come to love from a Skee Mask production: icy, slightly, flanged hihats, booming 808 underbelly kicks, a gorgeous sequence of pad keys and a surprise jump into an sliced amen breaks. Effortlessly smooth injections of reverb washes and bit crunches keep the listener guessing and gently rocking into a warm, beautifully emotional jungle masterpiece. I was driving over the Key Bridge earlier today, turning onto the Whitehurst Freeway as those breaks blasted into my car stereo speakers; truly felt like a major kick into HYPERSPEED 😮

Tip ~ If you’re feeling this track, check out the Harrison Ford track as well!

Pick up the whole album on vinyl and digitally on Ilian Tape’s bandcamp page here.

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