Black Rave Culture – Columbia Rd (Uptown) [Haus of Altr]

Car stereo chiller, dance floor killer…Massif!

The recent debut of Black Rave Culture (James Bangura, DJ Nativesun & Amal) shook the DC-NY scene in one crushing seismic wave last month; the breathe and range of the album flexes their collective production knowledge and how harmoniously these three compliment and build on each others’ flow. The album accomplishes delivering a unique sonic imprint of the energy you could experience at every moment in a DJ set of theirs – some moments of sweetness and patience like The Funky Dub, others manic and mind-melting like Cool It.

Columbia Road (Uptown) hits a sentimental note for me because it captures the sound of Columbia Heights on a hot summer day (something we’ve had no shortage of this week). Hybrid swinging UK garage and 2-step drums lay the groundwork for gorgeous old school Detroit techno synth chords and notes. Massif indeed – a certified top-down Friday afternoon cruiser / let’s grab some beers and get down anthem.

Big up to Chris, Tim and Amal for their work on this album. They’re killin it from all corners right now. Pick up the Black Rave Culture album in it’s entirety on MoMa Ready & AceMo‘s Haus of Altr bandcamp.

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