Deniro – Painting 1 [TAPE Records Amsterdam]

In-the-pocket liquid wavy synth techno roller. Originally self-released in 2016 on Deniro‘s own TAPE Records Amsterdam label, Painting 1 kicks straight in without hesitation or anticipation, a looping melodic synth already floating secondary to an energetic drum sequence. The background synth continues slightly diving and building with room for the main aqueous synth filling in between drum hits and modulating as it likes, which effectively feels like a track with a mind of its own. Riffing on this recording sounds fun, making micro decisions for filter and LFO dives.

I found a vinyl copy of this Painting EP at Joint Custody DC last week (for $35) and remembered I had saved this Painting 1 track in my soundcloud favorites years ago; the whole EP still sounds amazing 5 years later. The vinyl is sold out on bandcamp (but available at Joint Custody). You can also pick up the digital album on TAPE Records Amsertdam’s bandcamp.

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