Entro Senestre – DOHC [W.T. Records]

High-flying NY synth arp majesty from a classic 2015 W.T. Records release by BANK Records founder, Jon Beall, under his Entro Senestre alias. The A1 deep house track, Rosegold, became a widespread hit from the release (as listened to nearly 4million times on youtube), but the 2nd cut, DOHC, has remained an earworm in my mind for its depth, precise iciness and winding nature, jam-like quality of listening. The arps kicking off the track are a warning siren: it’s about to get serious.

This tune popped back into my head midday yesterday, no rhyme or reason; a sense of calm came over me reimagining the cascading arps in my head. I threw the record on as soon as I got home at night and relived that same sense of bliss from the first listen as the wide synth progression (around 2:15) rises into the mix. It’s uplifting and I feel like I’m in a training montage, preparing myself for whatever life brings next >:)

You can still pick up this release digitally in full or on vinyl on the WT Records bandcamp page.

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