Sir E.U + Tooth Choir – I Can’t Stop Thinkin Bout My Baby [Future Times]

Gorgeous contemporary long-form poetry from Sir E.U + Tooth Choir’s latest collaboration album, Bop 3. Listening to the tape earlier this morning, I was paralyzed by this 21-minute closing track. Tooth Choir‘s production and looping sensibility boast orchestral harmonics setting the perfect emotional landscape for Sir E.U‘s freestyle expressions of pure gratitude and vulnerability. Freeform improving progresses to playful teasing, exhausted whispering and cathartic reflections of being an artist – a quintessential love song, dissecting the lived experience of love, “like I won the lottery twice.” A transcendent soul-baring masterpiece.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this tape front to back (shoutout Max D for the copy). There are many more moments worth writing about, but worth hearing for yourself as well. Highly recommended home listening / car stereo bumping experience.

You can pick up the tape or digital album on Future Times’ bandcamp page.

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