Steve Leeds – Sorry, No Words [MAD Disco]

I found this MAD Disco flexi-disc sitting in the jacket of my copy of Lipps, Inc – Mouth To Mouth (the “Funkytown” record). MAD Magazine distributed these flexi-disc promo records periodically in their special editions through the 1970s, with this MAD Disco flexi being one of their last – a tongue-in-cheek statement in 1980 proclaiming disco isn’t dead (they were right).

But this promo record is no joke; 6 tracks total, all with killer grooves and amazing instrumentation and originality with a sense of humor too. Sorry, No Words by Steve Leeds made me burst out laughing today when I cranked it on my turntable. That bassline snaps too, GOD. The Disco Suicide track that comes right before it….I may end up dropping that in a set some day, it’s nuts!

You can listen to the whole album on youtube or pick it up on discogs.

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