Ghosts On Tape – No Go [ICEE HOT]

Blastoff bass techno bomb from the now defunct San Francisco label. ICEE HOT had a brief but impactful run from 2012-2015 in SF as a record label and occasional party series, co-managed by Shawn Reynaldo, DJ Will, Low Limit and Ghosts On Tape. My introduction to Avalon Emerson came from her 2014 release on ICEE HOT, as well as Bobby B, but forever cemented in my memory of the label will be this No Go track from their 001 record in 2012 by Ghosts On Tape (Ryan Merry). Wonky and off-kilter with a relentlessly building progression. The depth in sound design and choice of synthesis are so distinct and memorable on this track, I could easily hear it getting released today and sounding just as fresh. Simultaneously unhinged and controlled techno, a rare balance.

You can pick up the whole Nature’s Law EP digitally on Bleep or find a copy of the 12″ available on Discogs.

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