Spaced Out Krew – EXTASZ [PPU Records]

Sexy, grownup groover strictly for the afterhours bassline freaks. On a recent visit to Joint Custody, I was flipping through the “Electronic” bin while a customer brought this Spaced Out Krew record on DC label, Peoples Potential Unlimited, up to the counter and asked Ambrose if he could listen to it over the store speakers to get a preview. Ambrose popped the A-side on and as soon as I heard this bassline hook on the A2 “EXTASZ” track, it clicked in my head. I had to pick up this record. (Shoutout Ambrose, he’s the man!!)

I’ve been listening steadily to this record, front to back, at home for a little over a month. EXTASZ seriously transports the sound on this record to a cosmic territory with it’s constant tectonically shifting bassline, reverb drenched drums and swirling, phased-out layers of synths. Feelings of love, ecstasy and a matured, time-tested romance float through your speakers when this jam pops off; this track sounds like a 2007 bottle of a Bordeaux red blend of Grenache and Syrah ready to compliment the sexiest dinner of your adult life.

You can pick up the vinyl and digital copy of this release at the PPU bandcamp page, or find it on discogs!

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