Ciel – A Collage for Jake and Emilie [Mister Saturday Night]

High octane, pulsating, wonky stepper. Ciel‘s latest 12″ on Mister Saturday Night rips right from the drop; the A1 track, A Collage for Jake and Emilie, sets a sharp, pointed and energetic tone for the EP. Commanding kicks pair seamlessly with popping snares and lay the foundation for a buffet of textures diving and soaring overhead in the mix.

Halfway through, a wave of sub bass carries us into the second phrase of the track with shuffling, scrubby sounding synth-tinged 1/16th notes sending the energy into overdrive. I’ve relistened to this A1 a dozen times over the last couple months and the literal “sound collage” quality here continues to impress me. So many seemingly different sounds effortlessly blending into each other and creating a third sound as they bounce off one another. It’s difficult to genre-fy or categorize this style of music, which makes it even more marvelous for me. A signature approach to Ciel’s recording process!

Vinyl copies of this 12″ are sold out on the Mister Saturday Night bandcamp page, but digital is still available for pickup!

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