Qnete – Likewax [Drowned Records]

Blissful, balearic house drifter. Back in the early/mid 2010s, I placed a significant amount of weight on Hurfyd music videos as my barometer for worthy-of-purchase new electronic releases. One video still stands the test of time, my favorite, the Likewax track by Qnete out of Bremen, DE. Released on a V/A 12″ for his Drowned Records imprint, Qnete uses an uncomplicated arrangement you can’t help but get lost in. Chord stabs bounce off each other in a wave-like flow where, even at the track’s peak energy, you feel a rush of relaxing release.

Pairing Likewax with the perfect visual interpretation of a wave-like state of flow was part of Hurfyd‘s signature style at that time. I can feel myself radiating that same level of heat and coolant as the dancers, bouncing off the walls in the video. Masterpiece A/V combo. Also! Check that pro-level Hurfyd music cube at the beginning of the video. Cheeky stamp 😉

Likewax, and the whole Drowned Records 001 V/A, are still available on their bandcamp page. You can also find select copies of the 12″ for sale on discogs.

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