Adventures of Stevie V – Indecision

1990 piano house anthem about the ubiquitous thought pattern of indecision.  Obscured by the hit single, “Dirty Cash” on their debut album, “Indecision” in the A5 slot, largely overlooked. A unique repeating chorus of spelling out “Indecision” I believe is what originally stuck with me after years of listening to it. An undeniably funky rhythm and synth bassline meet natural, gospel-like piano chords in sweet dancefloor harmony – it’s difficult to imagine how this track wasn’t a hit or promoted as a single off the album.

This British band (Steve Vincent, Mick Walsh and singer Melody Washington) went off to pursue other musical opportunities after their debut album, but the magic captured on “Indecision” showed a ton of promise and readiness to carry them through the early 90s wave of hot house. I ripped this one of the dancefloor at Jimmy V’s in NE DC and the folks were feeling this track hard, 32 years after its release date, certifying this one as a timeless classic.

You can still find copies of this one out there on Discogs!

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