Ali Berger – Nonsight Vision (Original Slam) [Trackland]

Crisp, funky, dancefloor-ready house slammer. The prolific Pittsburgh dynamo, Ali Berger, uploaded his first release of 2022 on Trackland, his lengthy self-release digital catalog on Bandcamp, with a simple message – the tempo’s goin up! That sentiment always leaves me excited to listen and the execution on his Nonsight Vision (Original Slam) track reflects a masterful balance of harmonic beauty and heated rhythmic energy. Guitar riff sounding synths join a tectonic shifting bassline early in Nonsight Vision laying the groundwork for soaring pad synth and Mike Huckaby-esque stabs to smoothly lean harder into a euphoric zone. The emotional build of all these elements together comes to a satisfying release around halfway through the track (3:15) before lightly guiding the listener into a gorgeous reintroduction of the pad synths in a breakdown. Superb timing and arrangement expertise from a well-seasoned studio jammer. I’m ready to hear this on a large club system, pronto!

Check out to entire Nonsight Vision release on Trackland’s bandcamp page and dig through Ali’s back catalog while you’re there. You won’t regret it!

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