2Lanes – Bootcut Chords [Cape St. Francis]

Pulsating club-ready dub techno from the Detroit producer riding his own wave.

Recent years have seen a consistently focused output from 2Lanes. Joey’s enthusiasm for studio recording and openness to share pics of his equipment were what drew me to him in the first place but I quickly understood (by way of listening to his discography) that he’s searching for his sonic signature through recording. I love that.

Fresh off December’s critically-acclaimed Overtone Series collaboration with Jonah Baseball  (highly recommended), 2Lanes dropped a new solo 12” on Amsterdam’s Cape St. Francis label. The A2 track “Bootcut Chords” caught my attention out the gate with a naturally unsyncopated shaker loop easing me into a swingy rhythm before dub techno chords and a bumpy baseline set the emotionally chilled atmosphere. The filter sweeps and moments of delay feedback on the synths sound handmade, artisanal even. That’s the icing on the cake. The artist’s personal touch. So lovely. I found myself surprised each time this track ended and continued rewinding, replaying. The sign of a contemporary classic. Chef’s kiss.

Pick up a copy of 2Lanes’s Diamond Rain 12” on Cape St. Francis’s Bandcamp or at the record shop of your choice.

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