Downstairs J – Symbiosis [SUZI]

A gorgeous composition of psychedelic, quest-like downtempo.

NYC producer Downstairs J (aka Josh Abramovici) followed up his highly acclaimed 2021 debut album on Incienso with an incredible EP on Brussels label, SUZI to close out 2022. The full EP resonated heavily with my dub, downtempo and calm listening sensibilities, but the accompanying art direction propels the piece even further – eye-catching and visually representative of the sound itself and impressively well-produced all around. I also appreciate the balance of downtempo with techno-paced tracks on the overall EP, which lends to high playability in many different club / listening contexts. Mana 4000 and Orion occupy the tech / techno space on the record, but I keep replaying the B2, it’s just.. captivating.

Symbiosis closes things out at B2, kicking off with a sense of wonder and curiosity, like the start of an epic adventure novel, before diving deeper into winding synth modulation. Interweaving chords and arps carry the composition into an 8-minute meditative zone evoking simultaneous feelings of compassion and actualization. At least that’s what I’m picking up.

There’s also this extra intangible element, the hypnotic-by-design nature of Symbiosis that demonstrates the depths of Josh’s emotional range. A certain flow state was achieved during the recording here and it’s a felt satisfaction from my listening perspective too. Transcendent!

Digital is available on SUZI’s bandcamp page but check out Discogs for copies of the 12″ near you.

PS – quick plug to the Truants podcast series. It’s how I came across Josh’s music in the first place. Excellent mix here to check out too:

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