Downstairs J – Symbiosis [SUZI]

A gorgeous composition of psychedelic, quest-like downtempo. NYC producer¬†Downstairs J (aka Josh Abramovici) followed up his highly acclaimed 2021 debut album on Incienso with an incredible EP on Brussels label, SUZI to close out 2022. The full EP resonated heavily with my dub, downtempo and calm listening sensibilities, but the accompanying art direction propels theContinue reading “Downstairs J – Symbiosis [SUZI]”

Dreamcast – Lonely Hearts Club [The Lost Tape]

A perfect loop matched in perfect harmonic overlay. The Lonely Hearts Club track on my copy of Dreamcast’s 2017 “The Lost Tape” LP has started crackling this past week. I’ve played it tirelessly, wearing down the vinyl grooves more than any other track from the record but I’ve never gotten enough of it. It’s supremelyContinue reading “Dreamcast – Lonely Hearts Club [The Lost Tape]”

Roza Terenzi – Illusions [Step ball Chain]

Roza Terenzi‘s refreshingly eclectic and outside-the-box approach to her Stylish Tantrum release in January has stayed with me these past few months, demanding several relistens as the weeks pass. The B2 track, Illusions, blends together elements of halftime, downtempo and low-end dub with a surprising yet effortlessly fluid drum break stepping into liquid DnB territory.Continue reading “Roza Terenzi – Illusions [Step ball Chain]”