MoMA Ready – Let It Go [HAUS of ALTR]

NY techno-jungle break fusion poetry in motion.

The latest Untitled self-release album from Wyatt Stevens’ MoMA Ready project explores an impressive range of modern techno energy and spiritual depth. Let It Go sits in the middle of the album, exploding out the gate with a bumpy bassline and hard knock drum breaks before guiding into a gentle synth pad chord progression. The song elements here are straightforward but impeccably structured and implemented for continuous movement into each phrase of the recording; this one’s meant to be banged out in the club. But there’s a noticeable complexity happening here too: it’s soul-replenishing dancefloor lightning, like a spoken word emotional bomb track you’d expect from a Kerri Chandler hit with a higher IQ for popping the drums out to the max. Also – underrated quality – I dig the 4 minute runtime. In-n-out, concise cuts.

There’s more to explore in listening to this full album, which you can pick up now on Stevens’ HAUS of ALTR label bandcamp page.

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