Foul Play – Open Your Mind [Speed Limit: 140 BPM+]

Warp speed, rollercoaster hardcore from the foundation of drum n bass. Foul Play consisted of a trio of Northhampton producers, John Morrow and Steve Bradshaw, originally releasing Open Your Mind in 1993 on the Moving Shadow label. There’s a unique sense of experimentation and convergence of multiple production concepts making this track stand out; it showcases the limitless possibilities of the drum n bass genre with epic delivery.

I picked up this Speed Limit 3: 140 BPM+ compilation CD (1993) from McKay’s in Manassas a couple months ago, which features Open Your Mind as the closing track. Pretty incredible collection of what was hot at the time and super snazzy/cheeky artwork and layout (which is what initially caught my attention in the store). I may end up posting more from this catalog soon.

*Encryption on the CD prevents me from uploading the tracks directly to WordPress, so enjoy the youtube link hehe

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